Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tu BeShvat

The Bnei Yisaschor writes in the name of previous tzadikim that one should pray for a beautiful esrog on Tu B'Shvat. The Ben Ish Chai composed a tefila to say on Tu Beshevat for this. You can also find tefilos for this in Likutei Tefilos. (Pages 72-73 in this PDF) It is also a day to daven for livelihood, children and other things.

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Anonymous said...

The Torah staes:
ODOM ETZ HA'SODEH-Man IS the Tree of The Field.

Now, we know that the Torah does not employ poetic license. In the same vein, the Torah does not use a singular superfluous word, letter, trop, space etc.

I cannot fathom why, with my most limited amount of knowledge, the Torah does not say:
Odom K'ETZ Ha'Sodeh - Man is LIKE the Tree of the Field?
Would you kindly shed some light on this seeming anomalty as it has been bothering me for a long time?