Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky Advice on Davening for the Terminally Ill

Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky zy'a said at the levaya of someone who died of a machlah that davening that a person with a machla that has no known cure be healed would entail a revealed miracle which we are usually not worthy of. A hidden miracle, however, we can be worthy of. Therefore, we should daven that a cure should be "found" and it will look "natural". Purim is the story of hidden miracles that looked "natural". The following is based on an email that a reader sent me regarding this.


In addition to learning Torah and the prayers we do on behalf of those in need of a refuah, let's Daven to Hashem that He reveal to us the cures for all the various diseases. "Hashem prepares a cure before sending a disease". (Megila 13b). Therefore a cure must already exist in nature and is just waiting to be discovered."

For example: Please Hashem, reveal to us a cure for colon cancer.


*Based on a thought brought down in "Reb Yaakov" (Mesorah Publications).


PURIM IS AN "Eis Ratzon" so if possible, please take a moment to put a pruta (25¢) into

Tzedakah and say a prayer that we should find a cure for all the terrible machlahs.

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