Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emergency Maos Chitim Campaign for Tzfas

Likutei Mohoran 201 says that the word מצת is an acronym for צדקה תציל ממות (Tzedaka saves from death). The Mishna Berura says the reason why we have a special mitzvah of tzedaka by Pesach, Maos Chitim – Kimcha D'Pischa, is that one has to feel, "cheirus" freedom on Pesach. Therefore, especially for Pesach we try to make sure that the needy have food and clothes for Yom Tov so they can feel "freedom". Perhaps, that is also the reason why צדקה תציל ממות is formed specifically from the word מצת. Since Pesach is the most desperate time, as the Mishna Berura says, and one needs to feel freedom, therefore it is alluded to by the word מצת.

One special organization that raises funds for Maos Chitim – Kimcha D'Pischa for the people of Tzfas is Eizer L'Shabbos. The orginazation is run by Rabbi Binyamin Rosenberg (he is known to many as "Binyamin HaTzadik), who I know personally. Rabbi Rosenberg works tirelessly to make sure the poor of Tzfas will have food to put on their tables. The situation is desperate in Tzfas; I believe there are over 800 families that need their assistance. I saw Rabbi Rosenberg several weeks ago in the USA, collecting funds. I saw him again recently and he said that due to the overwhelming need, he had to prolong his stay in the USA to raise the proper funds. See Eizer L'Shabbos's website to donate. You can also see videos and other information about their activities.

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