Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uman Rosh HaShana 5769/2008

Rosh Hashona is not to far off; it starts this year (2008) on Tuesday night, September 29. For those interested in going to Uman for Rosh Hashona, the latest to leave from New York would be Saturday night. Many of us will be leaving earlier, on Tuesday or Wednesday. From Eretz Yisroel or Europe it's a lot easier and you can leave on Sunday. Reb Noson was adamant that one should be in Uman for Zechor Bris, the Erev Rosh Hashona Selichos. For those that have never been there you can read all about the reasons for going from the online version of Breslov Research Institute's book, Uman! Uman! Rosh Hashana - A guide to Rebbe Nachman's Rosh HaShanah in Uman. At the bottom you can find the name of travel agents around the world who can make all necessary arrangements (travel, lodging, Shul, food, etc.) for going to Uman. Many people booked flights much earlier than usual, perhaps due to the larger amounts of people going each year. The flights are filling up fast, and prices will probably go higher, so make arrangements early.

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Anonymous said...

There is little choice in flights leaving JFK Motzei Shabbos before RH because most flights to Kiev leave while it's still Shabbos. If you look online you can find a few. Your best bet is the travel agents that specialize in Uman listed at the bottom of the Uman RH article from BRI they have flights not available online. I got my flight from them. It wasn't listed online. If you're leaving the week before there are probably more options.