Monday, April 12, 2010

Birchas Ilonos

There is a mitzva to make a brocha on a fruit tree, once a year, when it starts blossoming. According to some, it can only be said in the month of Nisan (which is almost over). According to others, it can be said other times also. Ask a qualified Rabbi what to do if you don't say it in Nisan. Here is a list of fruit trees in frum neighborhoods in the USA and Canada, made available by Misaskim. There are extra supplications from the Ben Ish Chai to say by Birchas Ilanos, which can be found at Rabbi Tal Zwecker's site, here.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the Kaf HaChaim also has supplications regarding this b'racha, at least a L'Shem Yichud. Are they identical to those of the Ben Ish Chai?

A Talmid said...

I didn't compare them, but from what I remember they seem to be the same.