Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Likutei Tefilos

Reb Nachman of Breslov says (Likutei Mohoran II, 25) that it is very good to make prayers out of your Torah study. When one hears or studies Torah, he should ask Hashem to help him fulfill what he learned. Reb Nachman's leading student, Reb Noson Sternhartz, wrote Likutei Tefilos, based on this. He wrote numerous tefilos based on the teachings of Likutei Mohoran and Sichos HaRan. Besides the usual prayers for livelihood, health and children, there are tefilos for thing not usually seen. There are tefilos asking Hashem to help us observe Shabbos properly, for emunah, for help in tefila, for Moshiach, for finding "True Tzadikim", etc. The list goes on and on; prayers for every need. These tefilos are really beautiful; even if you only have a basic understanding of Hebrew, you can see this.


Reb Noson said that since the prayers of Likutei Tefilos are now available, one will have to give an accounting for every day that he didn't recite them. Reb Avrohom B'Reb Nachman Chazan said that these tefilos are higher than Ruach HaKodesh, because they come from the 50th Gate of Kedusha. (Kochvei Ohr) Most of all, these tefilos are a way for us to daven to Hashem for thing we may not normally ask for outside of our required thrice daily prayers. This is a good day to start saying thes tefilos, on the yartzeit of the author, Reb Noson of Breslov.


Parts of Likutei Tefilos have been translated into English, and are available from Breslov Research Institute. You can see Likutei Tefilos online at the following links:


Likutei Tefilos online.


PDF of Likutei Tefilos arranged by subject.