Wednesday, November 28, 2007

19 Kislev - Magid of Mezritch

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19 Kislev is the yartzeit of Magid of Mezritch, Reb Dov Ber ben Reb Avrohom ZY"A. When he was a little boy, his house burnt down, and he saw his mother crying. He asked: "why are you crying; it's only a house?" Hi mother responded that she wasn't crying over the house, but over the burnt up family tree, showing their lineage back to Rav Yochonan HaSandler. The little Dov Ber responded: "Don't worry; a new lineage will start with me." As they say, the rest his history. See Heichal HaNegina for more.

Zchuso Yogen Aleinu V'al Kol Yisroel Amen

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