Sunday, November 18, 2007

Segula for 9 Kislev

I received the following from Yitz of Heichal HaNegina :

In Sefer Yashar, it is quoted in the name of the Ramban that the ninth hour of the ninth day of the nine month is a special time for davening to Hashem.
THIS IS TOMORROW MONDAY, 9 Kislev,  BETWEEN IPM AND 2PM (Note: The exact time will vary depending on your location.)


Anonymous said...

where is this exactly quoted from ?


Can you please e-mail me at

Elisha said...

Do you know which Sefer Hayashar ?
Please email me at

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find this please post the exact quote thanks

A Talmid said...

Usually when I have a source I will quote the exact place, but I received this from someone else, as I stated. I am trying to find out the exact source, but I have not found it yet.

Anonymous said...

any luck on finding the source

yitz said...

Sorry to disappoint many of you. I rec'd this from a friend via e-mail, & passed it on to A Talmid. I subsequently asked the person who sent it to me, who never replied.