Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reb Noson of Breslov

Rabbi Lazer Brody at Reb Noson's Tzion
(photo courtesy of Emuna Outreach)

10 Teves, Asarah B’Teves, is the yartzeit of Reb Noson ben R’ Naftali Hertz Sternhartz ZY”A, the leading talmid of Reb Nachman of Breslov ZY”A. Here are several beautiful articles have been put together in honor of his yartzeit:

Rebbe Natan’s Yahrtzeit – 3 Articles

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Anonymous said...

there is a yarzheit gathering for Reb Nosson zal tonite Dec 18 at Menorah Hall in Boro Park 14 Ave &50 st. @ 730 Reb Avrohom Yitzchok Carmel came in from EY to speak and Reb Meilech Zilberger came from England to speak