Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shovavim - Eating Suggestions

We are now in the days of Shovavim. (With the help of Hashem, I hope to have a more detailed posting in the near future.) Many of the Seforim mention the custom to fast many days in this period. For those of us that don't (and also for those that do), I would suggest that we at least try to make our eating a little more spiritual. Here are a few suggestions. Try to do at least one; every "little" thing counts.


1) There is a custom of some not to eat any animal products till nighttime or some don't eat any for a 24 hour period, once a week during Shovavim.


2) Review the laws pertaining to Netilas Yodaim, breaking the bread, brochos, Birchas Hamazon and other meal related issues.


3) Have in mind that when you say a brocha on the food or think of Torah while eating, you might be fixing neshomos that came back as gilgulim in the food. The Seforim Hakedoshim speak about the amazing tikkunim a simple person can accomplish by eating, especially if we have kavana in the brochos.


4) Rabbeinu Yona in Yesod Hateshuva says in the name of the Raavad that if one stops eating his meal while he is still a little hungry, for the sake of Hashem, then that is a very lofty thing. (It sounds easier than it is.)


5) Noam Elimelech in Tzetel Koton #15 says that when eating, have in mind the Hebrew word for food, מאכל, and that it equals 91, the numerical value of י־ה־ו־ה with א־ד־נ־י.


If you have any additional suggestions, please comment.

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yitz.. said...

here's another suggestion, since you asked for them..

if you crave some particular food, save it to eat it on shabbat or at a seudat mitzwah.

i also had a friend who would make a siyyum at every meal by reading one of the short sifrei nevi'im (like the sefer of Ovadya haNavi) which is only about a perek or two