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Pesach Sheni - Yom Hilula Of Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess Segulas & Minhagim

Pesach Sheni, 14 Iyar, is the start of the days of hod. The Shaar Yisaschor explains that in the Shachris blessing of Yotzer ohr it says (in the nusach of the Arizal) ki Hu Levado Morom v'Kodosh etc... Starting with Morom there are 10 praises, each corresponding to another of the 10 sefiros. The eighth praise is borei refuos, corresponding to the eighth sefirah, hod. That makes these days mesugal for refuah.

One of the Admorim says that the Gemara in Berachos explains that hod refers to the Beis HaMikdash, making these days an opportune time to entreat Hashem for its rebuilding. This is an opportune time for everyone to say at least a small part (even a few chapters of tehilim) of Tikun Chatzos. (Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer, in the worldwide Chofetz Chaim Tisha B'Av presentation several years ago, suggested that everyone should say a least a chapter or so from Tikun Chatzos to show some concern over the churban.)

Reb Mendel of Rimanov points out that according to the Arizal there is one word from Tehilim 67 and one letter from the posuk, yismichu in Tehilim 67, corresponding to each day of Sefiras HaOmer. (See here for more on this.) The word for day 29, Pesach Sheni, is תנחם, and the letter is י from מישור. The gematria of these is 508, exactly the same as פסח שני.

The Talmidei Baal Shem Tov make a seudah on Pesach Sheni. (Shaar Yisaschor)

There is a custom to eat matzah on Pesach Sheni.

Pesach Sheni is the Yom Hilula of the tanna, Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess. There is along standing custom to give money li'iluy nishmas Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess, as a way to find lost objects (see special tefila for this below) or for help in any area of life. The money should go, specifically, to help the poor of Eretz Yisroel.

The Chida says that the source for this custom is the Gemara (Avodah Zara 18a-b) where Rebbi Meir bribed a guard to release his imprisoned sister-in-law. The guard asked what happens if he's caught and Rebbi Meir told him to say Eloka D'Meir Aneini (G-d of Meir answer me) and he would be saved, and that's what happened. From there comes the custom of donating money or oil for the neshama of Rebbi Meir, saying Eloka D'Meir Aneini, 3 times.

Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess said he would help those that gave to the poor of Eretz Yisroel, for the sake of his neshama.

Reb Dovid of Dinov points out a fascinating allusion: Mishlei 12:25 says דְּאָגָה בְלֶב-אִישׁ יַשְׁחֶנָּה - if one has worry in his heart, he should suppress it. Mesechta Sanhedrin 100b explains this as ישיחנה לאחרים, tell it over to others. Mesechta Horios 13b says אחרים refers to Rebbi Meir. Putting it all together – if one is in a time of trouble give tzedaka for the neshama of Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess. (Tzemach Dovid)

The Baal Shem Tov says that if one is in danger and is in need of a miraculous salvation he should give 18 gedulim (not sure of the modern day equivalent) for neiros in the shul and say:

Ani minader osan chai gedulim lineiros bishvil nishmas Rabbeinu Meir Baal HaNess, Eloka D'Meir Aneini, Eloka D'Meir Aneini, Eloka D'Meir Aneini, u'vichein Yehi Rotzon Milfonecha A-donai E-loheinu VE-lohei Avoseinu kishem Sheshoma'as es tefilas Avdecha Meir Vi'osisa lo nisim viniflaos kein ta'aseh imodi v'im kol Yisroel Amecha hatzrichim linisim nistarim v'niglo'im. Amen, Kein Yehi Rotzon. (Keser Shem Tov)

There is a lot more written on the giving of tzedaka for Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess. There are many genuine Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess organizations, but the only one I could find online is Kolel Chibas Yerusholaim, one of the oldest and best known tzedaka organizations. See their site to donate, request a pushka or for more information.

Anytime, and especially on the yahrzeit, it is a big zechus to give tzedaka or light a candle li'luy nishmas Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess. Eloka D'Meir Aneini, Eloka D'Meir Aneini.

Pesach Sheni is also the yahrzeit of the Tanna, Rebbi Yehudah bar Iloy and of Reb Akiva (ben Yaakov) of Frankfurt. There is also a minhag to give tzedaka for the neshama of Reb Akiva Frankfurter, in order to find lost objects.

See Heichal HaNegina for more on Rebbi Meir Baal HaNess & Rebbi Yehudah bar Ilai.

Yahrzeit of Reb Yehudah Tzvi (the second) ben Reb Uri of Stretin (1907)


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