Friday, June 1, 2007

16 Sivan - Shabbos Yahrzeits

R' Mordechai Menachem Mendel ben R' Yisroel Yitzchok Kalish of Vorke, Talmid of the Kotzker

R' Sholom Eliezer Halberstam HY"D of Ratzfort (1944) ben R' Chaim of Sanz

R' Sholom Frischman of Satmar HY"D (1944) ben R' Yosef Areyeh Leibish of Tomashov
R' Boruch Yosef ben R' Yisroel ZaK(Zera Kodesh) of Kureslov, Kobriner Rebbe of New York (1949) Left Europe in 1915 for the United States. He got stuck in Egypt for 2 years on the way. He had a big following in New York. He was the son-in-law of R' Dovid Tzvi Rabinovich of Kobrin and a descendant, ben acher ben, from R' Yechiel Mechel of Zlotchov. He also descended from the Baal Shem Tov (via the Degel Machane Ephraim), Shela, R' Nochum of Chernobyl and many others. He wrote Birchas Yosef and many other seforim, which are included in a recently published sefer of the Torah of the Kobriner Rebbe. He is interred in Mount Judah Cemetery in Queens, NY. (Where R' Yaakov Kamenetsky, R' Avrohom Pam and many others are buried.) You can search for the location of his grave under the name, Rabbi Boruch Sack.  

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Anonymous said...

Dear Talmid
If you have more of the Genealogy around Yisroel Zak of Kureslov, please share with me. I also had an Israel Zak born around 1835. I am courrious about the connection to Mechel Me Zlotchov and wonder if You have more names between Yisroel and Mechel? What means Ben acher ben? Son after Son? Grandson? Greatgrandson or What?
All the best from P.Yair Israel