Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seder Hayom - A Day in the Life of a Breslover Chasid

The sefer, Seder Hayom, translated into English. can be seen here.


It is a small sefer, which explains how to apply the teachings of Reb Nachman of Breslov to daily life. It was written by Reb Yitzchok Breiter HY"D, one of the great Breslover Chassidim of his day. Unfortunately, he was murdered in Treblinka, al Kiddush Hashem. He composed the song, Chidush Kemoso, in praise of Reb Nachman, and also a prayer asking to merit traveling to Uman. In addition to Seder Hayom, he wrote Amudei Emunah, on the subject of emunah. Both of these are available, together in one volume, translated into English, from Breslov Research Institute, titled: The Seven Pillars of Faith/A Day in the Life of a Breslover Chasid 




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