Thursday, August 2, 2007

Segula to get Tefilos Answered

Bava Kama 92a says that if one prays for another's particular need, such as health, parnasa, shiduch, etc., and you need help in the same area, you will be answered first. There is an organization called Kol Hamitpalel, a free service, dedicated to this. The way it works is that you call up and give a description of the situation you need help in. They will give you the name of someone in a similar situation to daven for and you give them your Hebrew name to daven for. The only thing they ask is that when you are helped, you call to tell them so they can take you off the list. This is a segula straight from Gemara. It is free and anonymous.


You can reach Kol Hamitpalel at 646-294-4355 or email: connect (at) kolhamitpalel (dot) com

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