Friday, February 9, 2007

Purpose of this blog

One of the purposes of this blog will be to inform people of the Yahrzeits of various Tzadikim, so we can learn from them and do things (lighting candles, tehilim, tzedaka, mishnayos, etc.) as a favor for them, and in turn obtain zchusim for ourselves. There will also be divrei Torah of tzadikim, segulas, information about kvarim in the USA and abroad and much more. More to come next week.

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yitz said...

might i mention that i'm very much looking for a blog that keeps regular updates as to all the yarhtzeits of the various tzaddikim and rabbeim..

there are a couple of good links to places online, such as has a hillulah page.

yitz from Heichal Neginah suggested this site to me:
> For a more comprehensive listing
> than Nehora's. However, it's not
> always 100% accurate.

(in case you are looking for more sources of sites)

anyways, i was happy to see that you are doing a blog all about this.