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Part 2 - Sforim With Segulas Associated With Them - Segulas From Learning Gemara & Mishnayos

Part 1 can be seen here.

I had just finished this yesterday, and was going to post it in the next few days. Then I saw a posting on A Simple Jew about learning Gemara. I figured I would post this now, and maybe someone who usually doesn't learn Gemara will now learn Gemara since he sees there is a segula involved.

The next installments will cover segulas tzadikim said come from learning Chumash, Halacha and other Sforim.

The following are brought down in Sefer Segulos HaBeShT V’Talmidov, available here.

Baal Shem Tov says you can sweeten “harsh judgments” by being mechadeish something in Gemara and poskim. The sefer Maglei Tzedek says you can accomplish this through pilpul.

Reb Nachman of Breslov says the following in Sefer Hamidos:
If one wants to have male children he should learn a lot of Gemara in depth, and minimize learning Agada, because learning Agada is mesugal for daughters.
Learning the following are for hamtakas hadinim: Mesechta Ohelos, Mishnayos Zeraim and Mishnayos Shevuos.

Reb Elimelech of Lizensk says that learning Gemara with Tosfos, and also Agada are “mesugalim meod l’zakeich nishmoso”.

Reb Naftali of Lizensk says learning Mishnayos Seder Nashim will help one’s wife have normal vestos.

Darchei Tzedek says that when one needs healing, happiness or needs to appease his enemies he should learn a Gemara that discusses that situation.

Reb Elimelech of Lizensk says learning 2 daf of Gemara with Rosh is more exalted than a fast.

Damesk Eliezer says if one has a bad dream, chas v’sholom, he should learn Gemara with Rif and the dream will be turned to a good one.

Sefer Dor Yeshorim says he heard Reb Gershon Hanoch of Radzin tell someone a segula for parnasa is to learn Gemara everyday, whether a lot or a little, however the allotted time for learning should never be changed or passed over.

Reb Gershon Hanoch of Radzin says a sick person should light olive oil Erev Shabbos and learn Mishnayos Ediyos.

Reb Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk says to learn Gemara in depth everyday, because this breaks the Klipas, but it needs to be lishma.

Imrei Yosef says learning Seder Taharos is a Tikun for Pegam Habris

Chakal Yitzchok (Spinka) says it’s found in Sforim Hakedoshim that Talmud Bavli is mesugal for Yiras Hashem and Talmud Yerushalmi is mesugal for anovah, humility.

Divrei Torah (Munkach) says learn everyday the Mishna in Zevachim 46b, L’shem shisha devorim, to get rid of foreign thoughts. Segulas Yisroel says to say it before every davening, learning, benching and sleeping – it is a segula “v’rav sodah”.

Sefer Toldos Ahron says if there is war one should say pilpul.

(The following is v’nohapoch hu, appropriate for Adar)
Reb Ahron Roth in Kedushas Einayim says when someone walks on a small street and guards his eyes, it is considered as if he learnt a small Mesechta. If he walks on a big street and guards his eyes, it is considered as if he learnt a big Mesechta.

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