Saturday, February 24, 2007

What To Do On A Tzadik's Yahrzeit

Today, Moshe Rabbeinu’s yahrzeit is an appropriate time to speak about yahrzeits of tzadikim, since all tzadikim have a part of Moshe Rabbeinu’s neshama. There are many things we can do on a tzadik’s yahrzeit that can benefit the tzadik and us. Reb Mendel of Rimanov said that the smallest neshama can do something for the biggest neshama by lighting a candle for the neshama. Imagine, by the simple act of lighting a candle l’ilui nishmas a tzadik, a simple person can benefit the soul of a tzadik.

There many other things one can do, such as give tzedaka, learn mishnayos, say Tehilim, or any other mitzvah. Before doing them you should say “I am doing this lilui nishmas the tzadiks name ben the father’s name (by certain tzadikim the minhag is to use the mother’s name). If you don’t know the full name that is also good. We owe the tzadikim for all the teachings they gave us and for all the zchusim thay may have brought to the world that we know nothing about. Also, since we did something for the tzadikim they will daven for us. Also, after 120 years if chas v’shalom one has to go to Gehinom, tzadikim have the ability to take people out of Gehinom. This concept is mentioned by meforshim in Mesechta Brochos. Among them are Tzlach(Noda B’Yehuda), Ben Ish Chai, and Rif (Ein Yaakov).

If one has the ability he can daven at the kever of the tzadik. There are many Kivrei Tzadikim in the USA Here are some in NY.
Monroe - Satmar Rebbes and Tenka Rov.

Monsey - Vizhnitz Cemetery - Ribnitzer and Skulener Rebbes.

Queens near JFK, the Lubavitcher Rebbes ( )

Queens - Union Field Cemetery Exit 3 on Jackie Robinson - Rabbis Jacob Joseph(first and last Chief Rabbi of NY, Noson Nota Notkin d. 1887(grandson of Shagas Aryeh & son-in-law of R. Zundel Salanter), Dovid Halberstam(grandson of Divrei Yecheskel of Shiniva).

Queens - Mount Judah Cemetary in Queens (right next to Union Hill) Exit 2 on Jackie Robinson has probably over 50 big Rabbonim and many of there wives. To name a few: the wife and son of the Chofetz Chaim, many Soloveichiks, Rabbis Yaakov Kamenetsky, Reuvein Grozovsky, Shlomo Heiman, Yampola Rebbe, Kobriner Rebbe, Avrohom Pam .

Mount Zion Cemetery in Queens has Reb Yitzchok Friedman, Sadigerer- Riminover Rebbe d. 1924 (great-grandson of Rizhiner). Beth David in Long Island has Rabbis Eliyahu Henkin, Moshe Bick and many Chernobeler Rebbes.
On the yahrzeits that I am aware of, I will post the grave location with directions how to get there for all those that live near by. Union Field & Mount Judah are right on the Brooklyn-Queens border, they are very close to Boro Park, Flatbush, Kew Gardens.
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Anonymous said...

there is also a son of R' Shimon Shkop near Chofetz Chaim wife and R' Michel Birnbaum R Dovid Leibowitz lots more

Anonymous said...

how do i get to yampola rebbe kever from boro park/kensington? he is greatgrandfather of skolya rebbe he is ben acher ben einikel from zlochover magid and also einkl of reb boruch mezhibuz that makes him einkl of Baal Shem hakodoish. first rebbe in america it is a gevaldika zchis to davn there

A Talmid said...

The Yampola Rebbe died in 1916 and he was supposed to be quite old then. In his lifetime he probably saw some of the greatest tzadikim around. It's pretty amazing to thing that we have such people buried right in our backyard. It is a great thing to go to the tzadikim in Eretz Yisroel and Europe, but we shouldn't forget about the ones buried here in America.

Mount Judah Cemetery has a new website you can look up maps, grave locations, diections and more. The quickest way to go from BP is get to Kings Hwy go all the way to end - it turns into Howard Ave. make right at Eastern Pkwy. go to end, following signs for Jackie Robinson Pkwy. make right onto Bushwick go 2 light make right will take you onto JRP get off exit 2. Make left. At light make another left onto Cypress Avenue. Office is on the left after about 200 feet.

yosi levi said...

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