Friday, February 16, 2007

Segula for Parnasa - Back To The Basics Meor V'shemesh on Mishpatim

We are all looking for segulas for parnasa, refuah and many other things. Sometimes going back to the basics could be the best segula. This is not to make light of any segulas that are brought from tzadikim and the Sforim Hakedoshim, but this is how the Meor V’shemesh interprets a posuk in this week’s parsha, Mishpatim. Interestingly, I once saw a sefer on Segulas for parnasa that had this interpretation listed as one of the segulas.
וַעֲבַדְתֶּם אֵת ד׳ אֱלקיכֶם וּבֵרַךְ אֶת-לַחְמְךָ וְאֶת-מֵימֶיךָ וַהֲסִרתִי מַחֲלָה מִקִּרְבֶּךָ. – “
And you will serve Hashem, your Lord, and your bread will be blessed, and so too your water, and I will remove sickness from your midst”. The Meor V’shemesh points out that the beginning of the posuk is written in the plural while the end is in the singular. This, he says means that when a person davens with a minyan then each individual will be blessed with bread and water – livelihood, and sickness will be removed from his midst. This should encourage all of us to be more careful about always davening with a minyan.

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