Wednesday, April 25, 2007

7 Iyar - Kli Yakar

Yahrzeit of R' Shlomo Ephraim of Lunshitz, ben R' Ahron, Kli Yakar (1619)

(The yahrzeit is recorded in some places as 7 Adar II. According to the bio in one of the newer printings of Kli Yakar, this is a mistake that was made on the new matzeiva and 7 Iyar is correct. I could see how this mistake was made Iyar rubbed out could look like Adar.)


Anonymous said...

He was also the mechaber of Oililois Efraim

aaron said...

He is also the mechaber of a bunch of out of print sfarim like Ir Giborim and Amudei Shesh, Orach L'Chaim and Siftei Daat. They are available on Hebrew Books. It would be nice if someone would publish them again. They are a pleasure to learn.