Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Learning The Laws Of Lashon Hora

We just went through the Yom Tov of Pesach. Seforim bring down that the letters of פרעה spell פה רע, bad mouth and that פסח means פה סח, the mouth speaks. From Pesach we learn that not only do we need to watch what goes into our mouth, but we also need to watch what comes out of our mouth. We are also now in the days of sefira, which is a time when we try to work on our interpersonal relationships. Therefore, now is an opportune time to start some sort of study of the laws of loshon hora, for those that aren’t already doing it. Just learning the laws is bound to have a least some effect on each person. You can get the sefer Chofetz Chaim (available in English) or there is also available, in English, the laws of loshon hora in a lesson a day format. See here for information on this, free telephone classes and for other ways of learning the laws of loshon hora. Learning the laws of loshon hora is a great zchus for everyone, and as the sforim teach us - when we judge others favorably then Hashem judges us favorably.


Anonymous said...

first of all I mean no offense to you as I love the content on your posts and haven't seen anything offebsive but aren't (other) blogs perhaps one of the biggest sources of lashon hora around?

A Talmid said...

You are 100% right. The Chofetz Chaim in Shmiras Haloshon says to avoid people shmoozing outside of shul because more people will join and this will inevitably lead to loshon hora. Unfortunately many blogs are a big version of this people knocking and putting down Rabbonim and others. I actually have a lot to say on this but time is limited now. Maybe I will make a post about this in the near future.