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Iyar - Month Of Refuah - Segulas For Refuah & Sefiras HaOmer

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The letters of אייר stand for many different things. Here are a few:

א׳ני י׳י׳ ר׳ופאך

א׳ברהם י׳צחק י׳עקב ר׳בקה (בני יששכר) - One of the reasons why we learn Pirkei Avos during this period.

(ליקותי מוהר׳ן) אֹ׳יְבָי יָ׳שֻׁבו י׳ֵבֹשׁוּ רָ׳גַע - Interestingly enough Reb Nachman connects this posuk, from Tehilim 6, with a posuk from Tehilim 67, which is connected to Sefiras HaOmer.

Since Iyar is associated with healing we will list some segulas for refuah, in addition to other segulas associated with sefiras haomer.

Reb Pinchos of Koritz says that he rains that falls between Pesach and Shevuos is a great refuah for diseases that have no cure, rachmana litzlon. One should let the rain fall on their head and open their mouth to let the rain go straight in (some places say to the right side of the mouth). We are not sure whether he means one should swallow the water or not.

It is brought down in Tefilos HaMarshal quoting Rashi Yoshon that one should say the tefilah of Chizkiyahu, which he received from shomayim. This consists of Yeshaya 38:9-20. It was revealed to him that a sick person or someone who is in a time of suffering should read it and he will be saved from all harsh judgments.

The following is from Breslov Weekday Customs (P.62):

The Rebbe states that in "Vayevarekh Dovid," when one recites the phrase "u-tzeva'ahhashomayim Lekha mishtachavim . . . The heavenly hosts prostrate themselves unto You" (Nechemiah 9:6), it is a favorable time for one to add a personal prayer. According to Kitzur Likkutei Moharan I, 231: "[At this moment] one may pray for everything, for then all the angels prostrate themselves and render homage to G-d, may He be blessed. Therefore, it is good to entreat that HaShem command them to transmit whatever one needs. For example, if one needs healing, one should meditate that HaShem command [the angels] to invest the spiritual powers of healing into one's bread and water, etc."

Reb Chaim Vital says that the days of Sefiras Omer are mesugal for Tikun HaBris (Bnei Yisaschar)

It is brought down from many of the sforim hakedoshim that one should say Tehilim 67, in the form of a menorah. (If you have it written on parchment it is even better). It is mesugal for many things. It is also brought down that one should say it after the Kohanim say Birchas Kohanim (in places where they do this) or while the shliach tzibur is saying Birchas Kohanim.

Lag BaOmer has many segulas associated with it. There will be a separate post for Lag BaOmer. If you are interested in the segula of Chai Rotel see one of the links below.


Anonymous said...

So interesting - thanks so much!

tefillin rabbi said...

It is erev rosh chodesh Sivan. This morning in Yerushalayim it suddenly started to rain (lasted a few minutes) and I stepped outside in the rain and caught a few drops in my mouth, knowing that this rain is segula for refua. We all have some ailments so figured I'd take advantage of the rare opportunity.