Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maharal Tzintz - His Unique Guarantee

“I shall act as an advocate on behalf of whoever helps print my sefarim.” Seeing the astonishment on the faces of his students at this bold declaration, the Rebbe assured them, “A merchant does not hang up a sign in his shop unless he has merchandise to sell!”

The yahrzeit of this tzadik is 3 Iyar. There is an opportunity to have a kvitel with your name brought to the kever on the yahrzeit. See here for more on how to be a part of the printing of the sforim of this great gaon and tzadik.

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Anonymous said...

I dedicated seforim from the Maharal Tzintz in the past. the sforim are printed beautifully. just about any Bais Hamedrash I go into I see his seforim which are sent to them by the mosad tzintz. he wrote so many seforim on different topics gittin, yayin nesech, on gemara, a real gaon. if you hav some tzedaka money its a great opportunity