Sunday, March 4, 2007

15 Adar / Shushan Purim - Yahrzeit of Kav Hayosher & Pittsburgher

R' Tzvi Hirsch ben R' Ahron Shmuel Kaidanover, author of Kav Hayoshor, a sefer that is praised by tzadikim from all circles. Reb Elimelech of Lizensk learned it 102 times. R' Tzvi Hirsch said everyone should get his sefer and promised success in all areas for whoever learns it. Was a talmid of the Yesod Yosef. His father was the author of Birchas Shmuel. Passed away in 1712

R' Yosef ben R' Yisachor Dov Bertcha Leifer of Pittsburgh, author of Tzidkas Yosef, lived in Pittsburgh - buried on Har Hazeisim passed away in 1966

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Anonymous said...

Kav Hayasher is coming out in english soon. it will now be accessible to everyone. its a fascinating sefer it has stuff on so many subjects when u read it before a holiday it gives so much more flavor to the yom tov because u understand more about it. of course u need to learn the halachas of the holidays first