Thursday, March 22, 2007

Segula for Parnasa - 3 Nisan - Nasi of Zevulan - Eliav ben Chelon

Today, 3 Nisan is the Nasi of Shevet Zevulan, Eliav ben Chelon. R’ Chaim Elazar of Munkatch, known as the Minchas Elazar, says he heard from R’ Yechezkel Shraga of Shiniva (Divrei Yechezkel), that today is mesugal, auspicious, for the flowing of livelihood and wealth. This is because Zevulan was the tribe that supported Yisachor learning Torah.

You can read it here.

For more on the reading of the Neseim see Day 1 here .


Anonymous said...

Is there a special prayer to say? what do you do special today to get the segulah?

A Talmid said...

This is where Reb Nachman's teachings come in handy. First of all, if you don't usually say Parshas Hamon you should today. There are also many tefilos for parnasa that can be said. Next, many of the Seforim Hakedoshim mention this, but no one seems to speak about it as much and drill into our heads as much as R' Nachman of Breslov conserning the importance and benefits of davening to Hashem in our own words, in addition to the required tefilos. Whether or not someone is a "Breslover" or not this is one of the most useful things one can do. If you are about to speak to a difficult client say (or think) a quick prayer to Hashem asking him for his help. So too today, in your own words, ask Hashem to give you the parnasa you need. Ask Hashem to help you pay the bills, mortgage, tuition, etc., even if you are wealthy.You can also do this for others in need. Many people have no concept of such a thing as speaking to Hashem outside of the required tefilos. The word "hisbodedus" scares people so just "daven" to Hashem for what you need. In addition this shows emunah by always asking Hashem for what we need. You may not be up to doing this for an hour a day, but take a few minutes and ask for your needs. May you and all of Klal Yisroel be blessed with Parnasah B'shefa bracha vehatzlacha.

A Talmid said...

There is so much more to say on this subject. Maybe I will make a posting about this after Pesach.

call me Baruch said...


Is this a situation like the Omer, where if a Jew did not read the previous two Neseim portions (or count the previus day's Omer), it would not work to "jump in late", since you need to build, each day on top of the other (as in the case of relative newcomers like myself who would like to perform this avodah, but just don't have this knowledge "built in" yet)?

And, if one can "jump in late" may they still be able to perform this act, while it's still 3 nissan, say, at lunch time or up until maariv? At any rate, thank you for sharing the teaching (at the very least, I can put it to work next year, G-d willing)

A Talmid said...

call me Baruch -

Counting the Omer is an actual halacha. It is an actual Mitzva (since there is no Beis Hamikdash most say it is rabbinic). The reading of the Neseim is a Minhog Yisroel. All minhagim are holy though there is no actual obligation to read the Neseim. If I was in your situation I would read from day 1 through today's reading and then continue from there sometime before dark today.

call me Baruch said...

Thank you again for the education! Now, Hashem should help me finish up here at the office in time to get to the shul(I don't have the Neseim in my artscroll).

By the way, as long as I'm being proactive, could you tell me what (if any specifically) the segulah is for tomorrow's Neseim reading? This way, when I do include it tomorrow morning, I'll be able to have a more focused kavanah. Thank you again, so much!

A Talmid said...

most artscrolls have it by the Chanukah reading. if not hear is a link that A Simple Jew had this morning with the Neseim
The only specific segula I know of is for today. For every other day you can daven for anyything.. The Sefer Kav Hayosher says to give some charity before and it helps the prayers go thru. Hatzlacha