Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2 Nisan - Nasi of Yissachor - Nesanel ben Tzuar

Today is the second Nasi, Nesanel ben Tzuar of Shevet Yissachor. Today should be a good day to daven for hatzlacha in Torah, since Shevet Yissachar represented Torah. I base this on what the Minchas Elazar said he heard from R' Yecheskel Shraga Halberstam of Shiniva, the Divrei Yecheskel, that tomorrow, 3 Nisan, is mesugal for Parnasa and Ashirus since we read the Nasi of Zevulon (and Zevulon supported Shevet Yissachor). For more information on the reading of the Neseim see Day 1 here.

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