Sunday, March 11, 2007

22 Adar - Yahrzeits

Both of the following are buried in Mount Judah Cemetery on the
Queens/Brooklyn Border. For those living in the area it is a great
opportunity to go daven by the kvarim. From Boro Park/Flatbush it is 20-30
minutes. Mount Judah Cemetery has a new website you can look up maps, grave
locations, diections and more.

The quickest way
to go from BP/Flatbush is get to Kings Hwy go all the way to end - it turns into
Howard Ave. make right at Eastern Pkwy. go to end, following signs for
Jackie Robinson Pkwy. make right onto Bushwick go 2 light make right will
take you onto JRP get off exit 2. Make left. At light make another left onto
Cypress Avenue. Office is on the left after about 200 feet.

R' Rafael Reuvein ben R' Grozovsky ZY"A, one of the great Rosh Yeshivas

Reb. Miriam Freida bas R' Hillel, wife of the Chofetz Chaim

Also the yahrzeit of the Dushinsky Rebbe, R' Yisroel Moshe ben R' Yosef Tzvi ZY"A. I had the zchus of being by his Tish Friday night Shabbos Chanukah about 15 years ago. I'll never forget it. It was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of big Rabbis buried there including Rabbis Avraham Pam and Yakov Kamenetski probably 50 rabbis that I have been to there and next door is Union Hill Cemetery with Rabbi Jacob Joseph and others and I heard there are other Rabbis that died in the 1800's buried in other cemeteries nearby.

Anonymous said...

you forget the dhushinskiner rebbe ztl

A Talmid said...

"you forget the dhushinskiner rebbe ztl "

You are right. Thanks. Although I don't post every yahrzeit due to time constraints, I defianately meant to post it. I added it to the post. I was actually at his Tish aprox 15 years ago Shabbos Chanukah. It was a memorable experiance. actually saw his son a few weeks ago in NY.